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5 Ways Print Audit Secure Can Keep Your Data Safe and Save You Money

PrintAudit SecureRansomware, data security breaches, and identity theft are all terms we have to familiarize ourselves with these days.  Five years ago these terms barely existed, at least to the average person.  Now, everybody needs to be aware of these terms and learn how to secure themselves and their company from attacks.

“How can I do that,” you ask?  One way to protect your printed documents and sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands is to contact your local Dove Print Solutions account manager and ask about Print Audit Secure.

Dove Print Solutions has been a Premier Partner of Print Audit for over 5 years now and is one of the largest partners in the country.  Dove Print Solutions has helped their customers prevent data leaks, secure classified documents, and save their customers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Five benefits of Print Audit Secure that can help your company be more secure and save money:

  1. Print Audit Secure places your print jobs into a virtual print que until you are ready to release them from the printer you choose. This prevents your documents from falling into the wrong hands and helps keep your confidential data secure from prying eyes.  Only the person who sent the print job has the security code that can release the documents and not until they are at the printer.
  2. Print Audit Secure keeps your company compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and Sarbanes Oxley. Healthcare providers, especially, are required to keep all sensitive patient data secure and Print Audit Secure does just that.  Any company that deals with protected health information must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.
  3. Print Audit Secure can save you money by eliminating wasted prints (and paper) left at the printer. Often, we see stacks of paper sitting on the printer just waiting for somebody to claim them.  Did you know many of those prints are thrown away?  I’m sure you have seen a recycling container right next to the printer.  What are these containers usually filled with?  Mostly unclaimed documents that were sent to the wrong printer or documents that needed corrections and had to be reprinted.  All these prints (and paper) can be eliminated or reduced with Print Audit Secure.
  4. Print Audit Secure can also encourage your employees to print only those documents that they really need. Print Audit Secure gives the employee an opportunity to cancel out a print job they realize they didn’t need.  In a traditional print environment as soon as you hit “print” the document is sent to the printer and printed.  What if you realize soon after you sent the document that you wanted to make a change to the document?  In a traditional print environment it would be too late.  With Print Audit Secure you are safe.  You can simply delete the document form the Print Que.  The document will only get printed when you go to the printer and release it with your security code.
  5. Print Audit Secure is compatible with Android, iPhone and most other smartphones. Much of today’s printing is coming directly from an employee’s smartphone.  Print Audit Secure has the ability to secure documents printed from these devices and has the ability to track these for administrators. Since the print jobs are stored via Client Software it is kept on the servers until it is released by the employees approved workstation, tablet or smartphone.

These five benefits of Print Audit Secure can save your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month and keep your confidential data and documents safe from outsiders looking to gain an edge or steal your data.  Contact your local Dove Print Solutions account manager for a demonstration on how easily Print Audit Secure can save you money and protect your print environment.