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Battle Hackers with New Print Security Offerings

Security PrinterNo company would ever allow a PC to tap into its network without the security software necessary to keep hackers from infiltrating.  And yet, the network-connected office printers and copiers are often overlooked when it comes to security. In fact, more than a quarter of all significant data breaches reported by IT managers involved printers, according to market research firm IDC.

Recognizing that vulnerability, HP is deploying a suite of new security features and services, along with an army of highly-trained cybersecurity experts, to secure networks at the printer level.

HP has redesigned its secure Managed Print Services (MPS) offering to ensure that corporate print environments are protected from cyberattacks. Companies who subscribe to MPS already benefit from the cost savings and efficiencies of outsourcing the maintenance of their printer fleets to HP or a channel partner. Adding security to that list of benefits just makes sense.

Wide-open ports and protocols

While shoring up the network-connected infrastructure that hangs behind company firewalls can go a long way, IT departments often don’t have the resources to do that for printers. Since printers are shipped with open ports and protocols to help IT departments get printers up and running quickly, the lack of configuration makes printers especially vulnerable.

To reduce attack surfaces, HP is starting to ship printers with less-secure interfaces closed, requiring customers to open the ports and protocols if they are needed when deploying new printers on their networks. In addition, HP is actively working with software developers to modify their applications to use newer, stronger interfaces so that we can close more interfaces over time.

Trained cybersecurity experts

As part of its reinvention of its secure MPS offerings, HP is also introducing new professional service to help companies overcome resource challenges and improve the security of their print fleet. Part of the effort involves innovative tools, such as HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, which automates the process of securing and maintaining printer interfaces and other settings, plus enables HP printers to be connected to network-wide monitoring tools that scan for and enable forensics for attacks.

At the same time, HP is also helping customers improve security with a number of changes in HP’s processes and offerings, from security trained staff to execute security controls to intensive audits and workshops with IT staff to develop and execute preventative plans.

The end-to-end Secure MPS offering now includes:

  • Remote Management Services, reducing the time burden and costs for IT departments to manage critically important security controls.
  • HP Print Security Governance & Compliance Service, where HP trained experts can monitor the print fleet for potential issues.
  • HP Print Security Implementation Service, where HP technical support will deploy print security plans.
  • HP Print Security Retainer Service, which provides on-going access to HP credentialed security advisors who evaluate security plans on a regular basis.

For more information about HP’s Managed Print Services and Secure Managed Print Services offerings contact your local Dove Print Solutions Representative.