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Managed Print Services (MPS): The Key to Lowering Your Office Expenses

There is a method of making the most of your office budget that Dove Print Solutions has been offering for more than 15 years: Managed Print Services or MPS.

First: What is MPS?  Like that name implies, Managed Print Services is someone else, besides your internal IT or Maintenance Staff, managing your printing supplies and devices.  In exchange for a time defined contract, your devices are operationally maintained and supplied with toner for a certain price per page.

Most commonly, an MPS company is asked to take over an existing group of printers already deployed and being used daily.  This is because replacing (what could be) hundreds of new printers and MFPs can be cost prohibitive for most organizations. 

To get started, it is best to get an honest assessment of which machines you are asking the MPS company to take care of.  If the units are middle or end of their usable life-span, you may be required to have any of those needing maintenance to have any issues resolved.   No MPS company will take over a fleet that is nearing complete breakdown or end-of-life without recourse.  Dove Managed Print Services will assist a client in bringing devices “up to spec” on a plan that works for your company. 

Once that part is out of the way, no charges are presented for normal maintenance except for how many pages you print.  This excludes someone breaking a device or part by accident or on purpose, fires, floods, and other non-operation related physical damages. 

Depending on the level of MPS your company requires, our technicians can do a complete walk-through in advance, using “asset tags” to mark each device as they complete maintenance and test each unit.  This way, your user or internal help desk just reports the asset number, while we confirm the location.  Or, we can eve set it so that the printer itself can let us know it has issues.

For units seeing a very high amount of usage, our technicians can do monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual maintenance visits.  During these visits, there is no charge to the client!  The units are inspected, standard maintenance items are replaced, units are cleaned and made ready to get back to work.

Whichever version or schedule of maintenance you prefer, for organizations that use and count on their printer and multifunction devices every day, an MPS program maybe something you should consider. 

Using our simple software, you can monitor exactly how many pages your company is putting out every day.  If you wish, you can access the page counts and know your costs every day.   Just an FYI: Our print management software is completely DOD and HIPPA Certified. 

The more advanced setting on software can even flash up a reminder, “Do you need this is color?” so the user must confirm it was not an error before using the more expensive color machine.  It can even advise that a nearby, highspeed unit is available instead of using a small desktop model that has a much shorter life span. These are just a few examples of how Dove can help your business obtain freedom from the unexpected costs and even unauthorized use. 

This same system can notify Dove when your toner is running low and send the proper replacement unit directly to the location where it is needed. 

Another version of the MPS program involves hot swaps.  This system was designed for companies with hundreds or even thousands of locations throughout the US.  If a unit is down one call to our Help Desk or using our “Online Portal” and another unit is on the way!  The user takes the new unit out of the box, puts the old one back in and calls for a pick-up.  Depending on the program, this can be Next Day or Ground Shipping.

The hot swap program allows your company to be as remote as a mountain ski resort or telecommuter’s home office, all the while you still have top notch service.  This is especially useful if the location has a small number of units.  With a Next Day plan, you are never without a unit for more than 1 business day.

After 23+ years in the printing device industry, we understand fully that the most critical part of your office work is your printed document.  This is your “public face” your customers see. It doesn’t matter if your business is accounting, legal, medical records, product distribution, law enforcement, manufacturing, or an endless list of business models.  Quality always matters.

Here is a typical example of MPS showing a high level of savings:

One hospital system of had more than 6,000 devices made up of 450 different models.  That was 450 different supplies and an unimaginable amount of parts sitting in storage. 

Almost overnight, this hospital system went from “unknown millions of dollars” to a monthly statement that is manageable, verifiable and now estimated to be a fraction of the previous expense.  They now have routine maintenance and techs on call.  Dove’s solution experts have helped condense the number of models and weed out the units that were constantly breaking down. 

The men and women who use the printers and copiers every day claim that the best side effect of the MPS and MPS/hot swap programs was not the cost savings, but the huge reduction of down time.   This is proof that not only will a quality MPS company save money that you can see, but it saves on those hidden costs of time wasted and the frustration that comes with it.

Contact our main office at 1-800-968-6925 for the nearest Dove Print Solutions account manager.  They can assist with the details on maintenance, device assessments, supplies and pricing for your company.