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Overcome Business Challenges with Print Management Software

Overcome Business Challenges with Print Management Software

Based on our experience over the past 25 years, printing and copying are cost centers to an organization often equating to 2-3% of your overall revenues. With the addition of mobile devices and the ability to print from them, these costs are rising tremendously along with security risks.

Organizations are often hesitant to invest in print management software because of the cost and time needed to implement it, even though it can help reduce printing costs and includes the security to prevent hackers from attacking your network and implementing ransomware.

Consider the following challenges that can be overcome with print management software.

Business Challenges for Unmanaged Printing

Unmanaged output can lead to the following:

  • Lack of visibility into print activities – knowing who prints the most, especially in color, can help determine whether it’s necessary (considering the cost) or if their department should be billed.
  • Unauthorized access to print devices – allows you to enforce access rights
  • Uncontrolled and untracked usage of print devices
  • Print jobs, sometimes confidential, left lying in a printer tray – helps prevent sensitive information being in the wrong hands
  • Wasted paper when print jobs aren’t picked up – paper only prints when you are at the printer
  • Reprinting of jobs if finishing settings are incorrect – finishing adds significant cost to each print job, so it’s important to get this right the first time
  • An unproductive printing process – users don’t get their print jobs when and where they want them
  • An inconsistent user experience at different print devices – a uniform experience increases efficiency and helps prevent mistakes
  • The usage of cost-ineffective printers – identifies equipment that should be replaced

Team Member Challenges

More specifically, unmanaged print output leads to a multitude of challenges for different members of your team.


  • Time wasted directly printing to a device not knowing that it is being used or down, forcing the user to walk back to their PC to reprint
  • Time wasted reprinting documents when finishing options aren’t set, or aren’t set correctly
  • Hesitant to print confidential information, fearing that it will lie in the printer tray, and someone else will see it or pick it up
  • Having to learn how to use multiple different print devices and their different UIs

IT Administrators

  • Unlocked print devices, unauthorized access, and uncontrolled and untracked usage
  • Having to implement and maintain multiple systems, including a multitude of print drivers
  • Managing users, mobile users, and access rights
  • Upholding security and compliance policies

Business Owners

  • Costs: having ineffective printers, cost inefficient printers, wasted prints and paper, and uncontrolled printing increases costs
  • A lack of visibility into how company assets (print devices) are being utilized – an insufficiency of decision-making information
  • Having an inefficient and unhappy/frustrated workforce leads to unproductivity, which decreases the bottom line

All of the above is overcome with print management software. But, given the many types, what’s the right print management software for your organization?

Dove Print Solutions offers more than 25 years of experience cutting costs and increasing management visibility with print management software from partners like PrintAudit, PaperCut, LaserFiche, HP, Lexmark, Xerox, and HP.

Let us help you identify the right software for your challenges. Call 1-800-968-6925 to speak to one of our Solution Experts or request a Free Assessment and one of our Solutions Experts will contact you.