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What is Printer Depot Service?

At Dove Print Solutions, we offer something a little different that is a great fit for certain types of companies.  The printer depot service is essentially a printer management system providing fast turn around for a device that needs major repairs and is in a remote or rural location.

As a business owner, manager or IT Administrator, you already realize that one of the most powerful tools a company can have for operating at 100% is a reliable office support system.  It is true that some industries need very little in the line of administrative work or printed documents.  However, most can and will interact with hundreds of business or public clients every day. 

If an invoice looks blurry, has random lines on it or is poor overall quality, the average person will transfer the impression to that the product or service.  Thinking will be that your product will also contain flaws or have lower attention being paid to craftsmanship.  The highest quality printed document is very critical to success and it reflects on a company’s commitment to of its customers. 

Just how is Dove’s printer depot service different?   The main biggest thing you will see is that we don’t repair desktop units at your rural or remote site.  For the most common models, it is less of an expense if we were to just send an operational device of the same model.  Dove will even include a pre-paid, return shipping label for the device needing repairs.

When the unit in need repair comes back to our depot, our teams of certified technicians can rebuild every standard desktop printer and multifunction model available.  Once the unit is in excellent working order, it is put in your exclusive inventory awaiting its next assignment within your organization.

Imagine being the business manager of a facility and having a critical printer unexpectedly go down one afternoon.  Just a make a quick phone call or submit an online form and within as few as 24 hours, a replacement unit is delivered by Federal Express or UPS Next Day Service. 

This type of depot exchange service allows your company to have locations that are as remote as a hotel in the Rocky Mountains, or telecommuter’s home office along the Gulf Coast.  You can still get back up and running just as fast as any large office or industrial complex located on one campus. 

Dove’s distribution centers are located from coast to coast, ensuring you have the lowest possible rates and shortest down time.  Many areas of the US are within next day or two-day delivery by ground shipping with next day service available. 

Your unit will arrive in a heavy-duty box, containing packing material that has been custom shaped to fit each unit.  No additional packing material is needed by your staff.  Just remove the new unit, put the device needing repair in the same box, seal it up and you are ready to get back to business in minutes. 

To see if this is right for you, contact your Dove Account Manager or call 800-968-6925.