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Secure Printing For Your Law Firm

Person at MFP using Secure Printing with ID Badge


Privacy and trust – are these things hat your law firm prides itself on? I don’t think I’d be going out on much of a limb to say the answer to that would be “Yes.” But do you know how secure your print environment is? And who has access to your client’s sensitive information? Outside of law firms, there are very few other industries which  handle such a large amount of confidential data. Let’s make sure your law practice is utilizing the technology out there to make sure your information is easily accessible to the right people at the right time, while remaining secure.

Secure Printing

DoveFlow provides users the ability to track and secure what is printed; helping your firm maintain the integrity of your confidential documents. Through the use of a special identifier (code input, ID badge, key fob, etc.), documents are held in a printing queue until they are appropriately authorized for release. Secure Printing is a key component to any confidentiality strategy.

“So where are my documents when they’re not printed?” you might be wondering. They’re essentially in printer limbo. The beauty of this software is that the documents are not released until they are needed. For example, you could be at home completing some items for the day and want to get a jump start on your activities for tomorrow. From your home office, you can send all the necessary documents you will need to a print queue, and once you’re back in the office, input your code, or swipe your ID, and all of the documents that you added to your queue will be printed instantaneously. This will work with any printer on your network. So whether you’re a single location firm, or a larger practice with multiple locations, your documents will be available wherever and whenever you need them to be.

“Can I just use a small personal printer?”

Yes, and no. It really depends on your firm. If you’re a smaller practice that can easily track and manage where every document printed goes, this may be an easy choice for you. With only a few people on staff, internal privacy may not be a worry as all members on staff may be privy to all documents and client details. However, as your firm grows, so will your case work, and more than likely the amount of employees that you work with. This is where secure printing is essential to have.

Desktop Printer VS Multi-function Printer

So when is a Multi-function Printer (MFP) needed in lieu of a small desktop printer? When your work, and the complexity of it, demands it.

MFPs are designed to act as an office assistant. Their function, when used correctly, goes beyond just that of print, copy, and scan. These devices integrate to work with your workflow applications and can vastly improve your team’s efficiency and workflow. By integrating with applications you’re already using, the time to complete case work can be significantly cut. But how do you know which is the right one for you?

During one of our recent webinars on security, we shared that every endpoint decision is a security decision. Hackers don’t just rely on emails, downloadable documents, or malicious links to connect to your network anymore. Your printer is a prime target as well. Dove partners with brands that have built their reputation and brand on printer security – two of them being HP and Xerox. With added features from HP like HP Access Control and HPAC Encryption, a new standard for document security has been set.


Interested in learning more about how you can increase the security of your print devices? Reach out to our experts today!