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The Most Common Network Printer Communication Error

Affecting companies both large and small are network communication errors between your computer workstations, servers and the printers/MFPs that you use every day.  These errors show themselves in a variety of ways, but the bottom line is you cannot print.  It can happen at any time and seemingly right out of nowhere.

Our staff assists clients by supplying service and support for tens of thousands of printers, MFPs and copiers in virtually every state of the USA, plus other North American countries.

Here at Dove Print Solutions we see all sizes of enterprises with every business structure example you can imagine. From large corporate entities with hundreds of locations, to single location offices with less than ten devices.  We handle it all. 

The success is that we have a group of skilled techs who can put themselves in your shoes and understand your needs.  Our Help Desk Technicians are among the top rated in the USA for their knowledge, field experience and their ability to think both inside and outside of the proverbial “box”. 

Here are some examples of what you will see on the printer or MFP screen: 

Hewlett Packard (HP) 49.c020, 49.fc02, 49.xx or almost any combination starting with a 49.  This can be any printer from HP such as the 4200, 4250, 4350, P4015, P4515, M601 and M601.  Even the MFPs such as the M4345, M4730, M9050, MP335 and many, many more models.

Among the Lexmark you will see an error that reads, “900.xx”.  In this code the .xx means a number code that points to a specific issue.   You can see this in T654, T644, T632, X652 among a number of other models. 

Other companies seem to use different error codes for every model so if you cannot figure out what an error code is just give us a call!

Here’s how we work with you. When you dial our Toll-Free number, you will be transferred directly to a help desk support technician.  Just give the technician a quick, one minute briefing on what you are seeing (and sometimes hearing).  Depending on the type of problem, we will put you on with the most knowledgeable technician available. 

For most network communication errors, no matter which brand or model, here are a few easy steps:

The first thing we would ask you to do is turn off the printer, disconnect the network cable from the back of the unit and then turn it back on.  This simple test can tell us with 99% certainty if the problem is with your communication or a possible defective component within your printer.  In our experience this error usually is not the printer!  It could be something as simple as a ‘security update” blocking the drivers

So, with the network unplugged and the printer rebooted, the printer comes back on and the screen reads, “Ready”.  Unfortunately, this is probably an issue with one of the PCs in your office sending a corrupt file.  This does NOT mean a virus infected file.  When we talk about a corrupt file, just think of it like a bad signal on your cell phone.  Parts of the conversation may be missing but it doesn’t mean someone is listening in.

Depending on your company’s policy regarding computer administration rights, we can either continue to help talk you through the problem or we can tell you what to have your IT Techs look for. 

Of course, you are welcome to have your IT Techs contact us directly.  Ask for your “case number” for reference. Many companies with larger Information Technology infrastructure have remote access to your local networks and can easily affect changes and fixes.

Should it be found that these tests point to a possible electronic board being the cause, we will advise you that is a possibility or even highly likely.  Then, we can either send a technician to your office, or if you have an IT staff that does hardware repair, we can send to you the required parts and instructions.

Just remember, when you have Dove Managed Print Solutions, you have a personal printer technician.  We are never more than a phone call away from helping you on the spot or dispatching a qualified technician to your office.