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How to Cut Costs and Boost Security with Print-on-Demand

Two of the most common words we hear when talking with small and medium size business (SMB) owners about their goals and challenges are cost and security.  Typically SMBs are concerned with cutting one (cost) and boosting the other (security). It isn’t often that one simple feature can help them accomplish both. That’s why we love Print-on-Demand and the far-reaching benefits it offers for every business.

Understanding Print-on-Demand & Secure Print

Print-on-demand (or pull printing) means that the printer or multifunction printer (MFP) only releases the document when the person who sent the print job arrives at the printer and enters their PIN (personal identification number) code or uses a swipe card.

The Secure Print feature, which is standard on all Xerox ConnectKey®-enabled MFPs, is simple to use and simple to understand. It is automatically activated whenever someone sends a job to print, giving you hands off security you never have to think about.

How it Protects Your Business

As we’ve warned before, an unsecured printer is a security breach waiting to happen. An astonishing 90 percent of businesses have suffered security breaches because of unsecured printing, and it is very commonly caused by simple human error – like a sensitive document left lying in a printer tray. Print-on-Demand is your first line of defense against this threat, and perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to prevent it as well.

Sensitive documents pass through every business, whether they include a customer’s credit card information, a new employee’s social security numbers, patient medical information, or details about a confidential work project. Built-in secure print helps to protect these documents from falling into the wrong hands and putting your business – and perhaps your reputation – at risk.

Cutting Your Print Costs

Those unsecured documents left in the printer tray are costing you more than your security. Why pay to print documents that are never picked up? It’s a waste of paper, ink, toner and even electricity. According to Nuance Print Management, approximately 50% of printed pages get thrown away, and 20% never even get picked up. That’s a huge amount of waste that can easily be prevented with pull printing.

Finding the Right Device

All of Xerox’s ConnectKey-enabled devices offer secure print to help you protect your sensitive information and prevent unnecessary print waste. Both the Versalink (for smaller work groups) and Altalink (for high volume printing) devices from Xerox give you the option of requiring authentication before a print job starts and also allowing for password protection of files, to help protect sensitive information from being mistakenly sent to or viewed by the wrong recipient. Enabled with ConnectKey® Technology, these devices also offer a wide range of security and productivity features that turn them from simple scan, fax and copy devices into true workplace assistants.

To learn more about how ConnectKey® Technology can boost your productivity, cut your costs and make your business more secure, visit or contact a Dove Print Solutions Account Manager today.  Visit us at our website at