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Introducing: DoveGuard

We are adding a new solution to our repertoire: DoveGuard. It is THE security solution of the future.

DoveGuard is our cloud-based building security systems. It allows users to take control of their premises with video cameras, access control systems and environmental sensors. We combined this with smart camera filters and artificial intelligence that allows users to quickly scrub through recorded video. Unlimited cloud archiving allows users to store video without worrying about data limits.

To make things even easier, we have an intuitive cloud-based app that connects all your security devices to your phone or computer. The app provides users with a complete picture of activity across all sites.

Everything has been designed to be easily customized to your specific needs. Need to revoke or grant access? It’s only a click away. Organizations get unlimited user seats, so you can scale up without additional costs.

Banner with shots of Command App on phone, computer, and kiosk

DoveGuard will have its own place in our wheel of solutions, and the webpage will available soon. Contact us to learn more!

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